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5 Behaviours to Avoid with your Furry Baby(ies)

As much as we love and treat our dogs like family, it is easy to forget that they don’t absorb and process information as our blood-related members do. Similarly to children, they all have their playful and serious moments and need tender loving care and patience from their parent (you!). Whether you are a first-time or a serial furry owner, read on to find out behaviours to avoid when it comes to your little doggos!

1. Using commands with too many words

When it comes to our innocent and simple-minded furry babies, it is best to keep commands short and easy to understand. Words such as “good boy/girl” or “sit” are easier for them to comprehend as compared to “I’ll give you something yummy if you obey”. At the end of the day, you can always peanut butter your doggo up as a reward for being a good one!

2. Tight leashes

As much as leashes are used to keep our furry babies in place and to prevent mishaps, leashes should not be around their necks tight. It is just like how you and I would prefer breathable clothing, especially in this climate. Hurting your furry baby’s precious bones would be the last thing you want… You know what they say? Milk is nature’s bone builder! Besides, just like how humans value freedom, our fun-loving and playful dogs appreciate breathing space!

3. Yelling

Disciplining a playful dog can get hard at times, but it is important to exhibit patience towards them regardless. Noise anxiety; which is common in some dogs, can affect a dog’s mental health and wellbeing. Think of it as how humans do not appreciate being yelled at! After all, you wouldn’t want your doggo to have beef with you, right?

4. Forcing them into scary situations

Trying to get your furry baby to get used to a new environment or situation is one thing, compromising their well-being in the process is something you can avoid by slowly introducing them to the factor, or even encouraging them with some unique Turkey & Sweet Potato Jerky Dog Treats would help them get accustomed to the new conditions better!

5. Leaving them alone too much

Dogs get lonely, too… You may not realise it, but you mean the world to your doggo! We mean that literally as your furry babies spend the majority of their lives with you! So don’t forget to occasionally show your doggo some love by giving them physical intimacy such as ear rubs and cuddles! Friendly reminder to give your dog a kiss or hug to show your endearment after reading this post! It’s important to remember that being a parent to a furry child is a continuous learning experience. Through the tips and tricks, you now know what to do to be a better parent to your little furry babies! Oh, you could also show your playful dog more love by treating them to Supawbox’s monthly subscription care pack!

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