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All you need to know about Puppy Bakery

All you need to know about Puppy Bakery

As humans, we all love cakes. The sweet amalgamation of flavours that explode with every bite, and the varied texture of the cake makes it a decadent treat for everybody. Did you know that there are puppy bakeries for your dogs as well? As dog owners, you will have the chance to celebrate your pet’s birthday with a dog-friendly birthday cake. If you wish to learn more about puppy bakeries, read on to find out where the best puppy bakeries are located at!

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List of renowned Puppy Bakeries in Singapore

1. Barking Good – Artisanal Dog Bakery

Barking Good is featured on various renowned websites in Singapore. They are Channel 8, Channel News Asia, Discover SG and Pet lovers Centre.

Barking Good uses human grade ingredients and they operate in an AVS Licensed Studio, with regular maintenance by certified pest control. Their cakes have many varied designs such as abstract, nature, animal and food based cakes.

Barking Good partakes in philanthropic activities such as donating proceeds to SPCA, a rescue animal shelter that houses abandoned animals.

2. Bossi Paws Pet Bakery Gourmet

Cakes, 2D cupcakes, Customized 3D, 3D Theme Cakes, Fruit cakes, pet dim sum series, superfood meal, and more are all available at Bossi Paws Pet Bakery Gourmet. Did you know that they also provide free consultation and customisation on pet meals for special needs dogs? Not only will you get a chance to buy a delicious birthday cake for your dog, you will get a chance to revamp your dog’s meal plan!

3. The Barkery Singapore- A Bakery for Dogs

The Barkery Singapore offers standard cakes and novelty cakes. This includes the Barkday Bone Cake, Barkday Cake, Pupcakes and the Big Bone. Similar to how Supawbox provides a monthly subscription box that contains necessities, treats and toys. The Barkery Singapore offers a wide variety of snacks, dehydrated treats and beef liver strips as well.

4. Knibbles SG

Knibbles SG is a renowned dog bakery that has been featured on 8days, mothership, Best Dog Bakeries in Singapore 2020. Needless to say, Knibbles SG has a number of accolades. This AVS licensed Pet Bakery is Singapore’s first Eco Honest Pet Bakery & Concept Store.

5. US Dog Bakery

Featured in Best Dog Bakeries 2020, they sell meat puff sets, pork puffs, classic chicken pot pie, alongside cakes with unique names like Cloud Nine, Multiverse. With unique dog treats and cakes, you will be in for a surprise!

We hope you found this article insightful and interesting. If you are considering buying your dog a cake, you know where to go! Do check out Supawbox’s monthly subscription box which contains premium dog treats, toys and necessities. All of these items are priced reasonably and have high quality. If you like what you are reading, subscribe to our weekly newsletter and gain information about a variety of interesting and insightful articles. See you next week!

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