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Best Family Dogs

The Best Family Dogs for Your Family ( Part 1)

During this COVID19 Pandemic, my love for dogs and furry animals heightened as I longed for these furry companions to battle alongside me while I conquered the long hours from WFH. However, there were too many dogs to choose from. Should I get a Japanese Spitz or a Shitzu? I pondered over the perfect dog to adopt into my family and finally found the answer to this question.

Are you, too,on the lookout to adopt a furry member into your family? Want to find the best family dog that suits the needs of your family? This article is for you. This article delves into the best family dogs you should adopt during this COVID19 Pandemic.

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1. The best family dogs should be kid-friendly

According to the Reader’s digest, the best family dogs should be patient, tolerant and loyal. These traits ensure that children with cynophobia feel safe around them. A person with cynophobia experiences a fear of dogs that’s both irritating and persistent. Thus, family dogs have to possess characteristics that make all members of the family feel safe and happy at all times.

Some examples of kid-friendly family dogs according to Reader’s Digest:

  • Golden Retrievers: It is the most well-received family dog because of its gentle and caring nature. Goldens are very easy to train. They’re also patient when it comes to kids.
  • Cocker Spaniel: They’re kind, caring, and intelligent, and they enjoy being around young children. They also want to be in the midst of things. They’re also excellent therapy dogs and might be a suitable match for a nervous or special-needs young child.
  • Chihuahua: Chihuahuas love the indoors and are not fond of very cold weather but they are one of the cutest dog breeds!

2. The best family dogs should be trained to combat different types of situations

More often than not, guard dogs can be classified as the best family dogs. One of the most commonly seen guard dogs is seen in the police force; the K9 German Shepherd. If your house is decorated with valued possessions, guard dogs are the perfect dogs for you. They are trained to keep the house safe and prevent any potential burglary from happening. They are able to keep your family safe from unwarranted break ins and give your family a sense of security.

Some examples of guard dogs:

  • Bullmastiff

The Bullmastiff is one of the greatest guard dog breeds to have because of its physical strength, protective instincts, bravery, and intense family devotion. A Bullmastiff will generally utilize his power to knock an intruder over or obstruct their way if they enter the premises. When it comes to being in a family setting, though, the breed is quite placid and makes an excellent house companion.

  • Doberman Pinscher

A Doberman pinscher is an excellent guard dog to have if you have a large piece of property to defend. This breed is extremely quick and can catch an intruder in a matter of seconds. Dobermans are brave, alert, and loyal dogs, and are regarded as the world’s fifth smartest dog breed. They’re best suited for families with vast yards and busy lifestyles because they require a lot of activity.

  • Staffordshire Terrier

The Staffordshire terrier, which is sometimes mistaken with the American pit bull terrier, is one of the greatest guard dogs. They were raised for bear and bullfighting, and as a result, they are fierce and protective. As a result, they must be appropriately socialized and trained beginning at a young age. Despite their menacing appearance to strangers, Staffordshire Terriers are excellent household pets since they are only violent when guarding a family member.

This article depicts two main types of family dogs every family should consider adopting. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter and gain access to Best Family Dogs You Should Consider Getting part 2. We hope that this article will help you in making your decision in getting the perfect family dog for your household and if you like our advice and decide to adopt a dog, do check out our premium subscription box! It contains good quality treats, toys and basic necessities for your dog. See you next week!

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