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Fun places to bring your dog to this CNY Part 1

Chinese New Year is quickly approaching! As we embark on this exciting new year, let’s not forget our furry buddies that have accompanied us throughout 2021! In this article, I will be sharing with all of you dog owners fun places to bring your dog to this Chinese New Year!

West Locations of Singapore that you can bring your dog to

  1. Bukit Batok’s Little GuiLin

Due to inability to travel during COVID19 Pandemic, Singaporeans have been exploring new areas in Singapore. Thankfully, there are several places in Singapore that will make you feel like you’re in another country, for example Little Guilin! The granite volcanic rocks within a lake, also known as ‘xiao gui lin’ in Mandarin, are reminiscent of the spectacular limestone karst hills of Guilin, China. The picturesque scenery of Little Guilin is simply to die for. As we revel in the scenery, your dog will be able to have a peaceful walk over there while enjoying the calm vibes coming from Little GuiLin.

We’ve put together this all-in-one guide specifically for you if you’re considering a trip to Little Guilin!

Directions which bring you to your dog walking route:

Alight at Bukit Gombak Station( NS3). Turn Right and Take Exit B.

2.Jurong Lake Park

Put on your boots and immerse yourself in the west’s beauty and animals. Jurong Lake Gardens is Singapore’s newest national garden, encompassing 90 hectares and dubbed “the greatest ecological paradise in the heartlands.” Lakeside Garden, Chinese and Japanese Gardens, and Garden Promenade are among the gardens, which were originally known as Jurong Lake Gardens West, Jurong Lake Gardens Central, and Garden Promenade. Families and the community may come together to play, study, and socialize on the grounds, which have been specifically designed and planned.

The grassland that spans over 2,200-square-meter is big enough for huge dogs like labrador retrievers and golden retrievers to rest on their laurels and run around freely. Furthermore, the grass mounds present natural barriers for the dogs to enjoy.

You can also have a hearty cycling session with your dog running by your side, and enjoy the wind blowing through your hair!

Fun Fact: you can hop to Taman Jurong Centre to have a quick bite and settle down after an intensive exercise session with your dog.

Directions which bring you to your dog walking route:

Alight at EW26 Lakeside MRT and turn left onto Yuan Ching Road.

3.West Coast Park

Located near Clementi MRT, West Coast Park is an ideal place for families to rest on their laurels and take a relaxing stroll. There is a McDonalds situated in the park, allowing hungry families to grab a quick bite after their exercise. West Coast Park is one of the best places for cycling, as there is a cycling shop nearby for rental.

There is a playground situated in the park, which is the perfect playing spot for your dog. Dogs enjoy being in different places and west coast parks have various stimuli like playgrounds, sand, and parks. You name it, West Coast Park has it.

The West Coast Park Dog Run is one of Singapore’s largest parks for rambunctious canines in need of exercise. Few people are aware of its presence, so if your dog is introverted, this is a fantastic place for it to explore without being bothered by huge gangs of dogs.

Directions which bring you to your dog walking route:

Alight at EW23 Clementi MRT, take 183 towards Galen and alight at the After Clementi Road Bus Stop.

We hope you enjoyed this article and happy advanced Chinese New Year. Supawbox is launching gift boxes for the CNY season and we think you may find it useful to reward your fellow dog buddies. Check out our articles over here! See you next week!

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