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New Puppy Gift Box Ideas

Did you or a loved one finally get the pet of your dreams? Or, did your dog just pass a birthday anniversary? A new puppy is always a heartwarming event for celebration, and so is your puppy turning one. Aside from throwing a puppy party, a new puppy gift box or a dog birthday gift box would be the perfect gift to celebrate a significant milestone. Read on as we share some of the best gift box ideas in town.

Dog Bed

Rest and relaxation is essential for any puppy’s health! Shop for a dog bed that can fit seamlessly into any space so that your dog will be on cloud nine. Plus, if they double up as sincerely gorgeous pieces of furniture, that’s even better!

Treat Dispenser

The ever-reliable treat dispenser will keep your dog happy at home, warding off hunger pangs! Make sure to check that the treat dispenser you get will work with the treats you feed your dog.

Pet Camera

If your friend leaves his or her dog at home for most part of the day when going out to work, you definitely gift them a pet camera. A pet camera helps them see what their dog is doing when they’re not around. The quality and convenience of live streaming are crucial. Make sure to find one with a HD wide-angle camera and a smartphone app to check on your dog in real-time. Night vision and two way voice recognition features will be helpful too, so you can communicate with your dog. There are also cameras with sound activation that will let you know if your dog has left a specific area or is barking excessively.

Make A Bear

Dogs are naturally curious and friendly, and they love playing with soft toys. Why not gift your dog a handmade teddy bear to sleep with? In Singapore, there are many DIY teddy bear workshops around the island. You simply need to choose your desired stuffing and teddy bear style, and voila you’ve got a teddy bear.

DIY Dog Gift Basket

If you want to customize your own gift basket, simply fill a decent-sized basket or box with toys, treats, and fun things to wear. Ideas for toys? Chewy toys, squeaky toys, all work for the most unforgettable memories. Or, even an inflatable pool for hours of fun with water. How about fun things to wear? Get a shark life jacket so that your dog can look cool while swimming.


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Realizing how much joy and friendly companionship a furball can provide your friend or family, a gift box would be a thoughtful gesture to let them know that you celebrate this joy with them. Giving them a Supawbox subscription plan tells them that they are loved together with their new pet. The best part is, you can accumulate SupawRewards points where you collect 10 points for every $1 spent. With these rewards, you can redeem toys from Supawbox that you can purchase as part of your DIY dog gift basket. There’s even a 1 hour photoshoot that you can redeem!

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