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Unique Dog Breeds You Should Adopt Part 2

Previously, in Unique Dog Breeds Part 1, we’ve mentioned about 3 unique dog breeds you should adopt. This article serves as a sequel and aims to broaden your insights on the world of unique dog breeds.


Boerboels are fearsome yet perceptive defenders of home and family who learnt their skill while defending rural South African farmsteads from dangerous predators. They are assertive and self-assured. This dog breed has a no-frills, no-nonsense demeanor. It is a descendent of the ancient molosser dog family, which is the foundation of today’s mastiff-type breeds, with a large and blocky head, powerful jaws, and robust muscles from neck to rump. When it comes to agility, the Boerboel may be the most nimble of all mastiff breeds.

Boerboels are fiercely loyal to their family and their lands, and they require a firm but loving hand to guide them. Because of their nature, they make excellent watchdogs and guard dogs, and they are apprehensive of strangers.

Boerboels are incredibly bright and dedicated to their families. So much so that, in order to thrive, they must be an integral member of the family. Boerboels are calm, loyal, and self-assured dogs who may want to run their own show unless they have a firm, confident, patient, and, of course, loving owner.

As stated, the cost of a Boerboel dog ranges from $1,500 to $2,000. The Boerboel pricing range is not all that bad for a dog of this size.


9-11 years


22-27 inches


Competent Guard Dogs, Protective

2.Caucasian Shepherd

The Caucasian shepherd is a smart breed that may be obstinate, strong-willed, and disrespectful at times. Because this breed may turn hostile against other people and animals if handled incorrectly, they require extensive training. The typical Caucasian shepherd is forceful, fearless, brave, powerful, and attentive.

The Caucasian shepherd is fiercely territorial and can become violent when its family is endangered, because of its past as a watchdog and protector.Although certain varieties can grow more violent than others, they are always dog-aggressive and cautious of strangers, thus early socialization as well as constant, professional care and training are required.

This breed is not suitable for inexperienced owners, and while being relatively low-energy dogs, Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are too large for apartment life and houses with little children. Despite this, Caucasian Shepherd Dogs may make excellent watchdogs, family pets, and even therapy dogs with proper training and socialization.


10-12 years


23 to 30 inches


Intelligent and Trainable


Does this dog breed ring a bell to you? Dalmatian is easily the most well known dog breed due to the 1996 film “ 101 Dalmatians”. Its prominent black and white spots made this dog breed easily noticeable on the streets.

Dalmatians are a breed of dog that is lively, playful, and sensitive. Although some Dalmatian experts warn that the breed may be too lively for very little children, they are devoted to their families and good with children. These dogs are bright, trainable, and make excellent watchdogs.

Although black and white is the most prevalent color combination, liver Dalmatians can develop as a result of recessive genes passed down from the parents. Blue, brindle, and “lemon” Dalmatians with orange markings are quite rare. A tricolor Dalmatian, with black and tan patches, is very unusual. Long-haired Dalmatians can be found on occasion: This length, commonly known as “long coat Dalmatians” or “LCs,” is an unusual feature generated by recessive genes.

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