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Why Do Our Dogs Like Squeaky Toys

Any pet store will have all sorts of toys for your dog to play with. However, the most tried and true dog toy is the squeaky toy. At Supawbox we’ve got some of the best dog toys for aggressive chewers. It’s a well-known fact that personalized dog accessories and outside dog toys are some of the best toys to keep dogs busy. But, why on earth do dogs love playing with squeaky toys so much? Keep reading to find out more! Many furballs enjoy their squeaky toys for many reasons. However, most dog behaviour experts agree that the 3 main reasons dogs love squeaky toys are related to chewing, hunting instincts, and the sound of of chewing itself.


Many squeaky toys are fuzzy, small, and shaped like a thing that a dog may instinctively want to hunt. In fact, the squeaking sound that they give out can even sound similar to some of the alarm sounds that are made by natural prey. This will explain why hunting breeds have a stronger affinity for squeaky toys compared to non-hunting breeds. This also explains why some breeds such as terriers, will enjoy playing with squeaky toys. Actually, it is possible for any breed to enjoy playing with squeaky toys. However, hunting instincts are the reason why a Jack Russell may end up destroying squeaky toys whereas a miniature schnauzer is content to simply just squeak it.


Another reason your dog enjoys squeaky toys is simply due to the squeak itself. Your puppy may get immediate gratification from chomping on their favourite toy and hearing that squeak immediately. This may trigger a positive feedback loop. When you hear the squeaking sound, there may be dopamine triggered which is released from the reward centre in my dog’s brain. Dopamine is best known for helping us to feel pleasure as part of the brain’s reward system. This feel-good neurotransmitter is also involved in reinforcement processes. Because of this, your dog may continue playing with the squeaky toy in order to feel a rush of dopamine again. Your little furball might also learn that if they squeak their favourite squeaky toy around you, that might incentivise you to play with them. If you join them in their play every time you hear your dog playing with their squeaky toy, he or she may soon form a correlation between squeak toy and playtime with you. This may jokingly also be known as dog training, but if your dog is asking you to play with them, who are we to say no?


Lastly, dogs love their toys mainly because they simply love chewing on things. This is especially true for younger puppies that are in the teething stage. Just like cats and their scratching, different dogs may have different types of preferences for chewing texture. Puppies which are teething may enjoy rubber toys which are softer. Older and smaller breed dogs which are prone to dental disease, will prefer soft and stuffed toys. Dogs which love chewing may do better with indestructible toys. Toys that are made of heavier plastic, rubber, or vinyl may last a lot longer than plush toys, but will probably have to be replaced at some point. Finally, it is important to remember that your dog’s preferences will change as they age. At Supawbox, our dog subscription box is customisable based on your dog’s diet, and preferences to ensure that your dog gets the best out of each Supawbox. The best part is, you can accumulate SupawRewards points where you collect 10 points for every $1 spent. With these rewards, you can redeem treats and toys from Supawbox. Stay tuned for our next article!  

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