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5 Best Healthy Dog Treats of 2022

We all love and want the best for our dogs, but with so many products out there, how do we know what are the best types of treats to feed our four-legged friends? It’s hard to determine whether a treat is healthy based on labelling or packaging. However, some factors to consider would be brand reputation, ingredients used, and the calories per treat. Here are our top picks for the best lean treats for dogs.

  1. Absolute Holistic Air Dried Grand Prairie Dog Treats

This is definitely one of the best small dog treats and also for fussy dogs of all life stages. It’s grain-free and high in protein, with only 100% super premium natural ingredients sourced from free-range farms and the blue oceans of New Zealand. Plus, you can be rest assured of the strict quality control and R&D which Absolute Holistic is well known for.

Features we love:

  • Air-dried to maximize nutrition and retain high levels of natural enzymes
  • Contains kelp powder to regulate and promote thyroid functioning to improve health and longevity
  • Contains Inulin, a prebiotic to aid digestion for a better digestive system

2. Absolute Holistic Milk Grain Free Dental Dog Chew

Is this one of the best dental treats for dogs? Yes! These innovative dental chews are designed to act like a toothbrush that can effectively shape plaque and tartar. It’s a double win because you get to take care of your pet’s dental hygiene while ensuring that you can reward your pup with a yummy treat.

Features we love:

  • Comes in different flavours to choose from
  • Designed with 360-degree nubs and ridges to clean teeth thoroughly
  • No grain so it’s suitable for dogs with grain allergies
  • Removes plaque and tartar while freshening breath

3. Stella & Chewy’s Wild Weenies Bac’n Me Crazy Recipe Dog Treats

Looking for a yummy woof stix that is pure and nutritious? Check out Stella and Chewy’s! This all-natural freeze-dried raw treat has its number one ingredient as bacon, the all-time favorite of many pups. With a unique shape and texture, this treat is pup paradise.

Features we love:

  • No artificial preservatives or flavours
  • No added hormones or antibiotics
  • All animal proteins are farm-raised and responsibly sourced

4. Farmland Traditions Dogs Love Turkey & Sweet Potato Jerky Dog Treats

Thanksgiving is not just one day, we can give thanks every day! This filler-free turkey and sweet potato pairing was inspired by special holiday seasons. Since it is grain-free, soy-free, and corn-free, your pup will love this pick-me-up treat full of flavorful proteins.

Features we love:

  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes and of all life stages
  • All treats are made in Farmland Tradition’s FDA registered, state of the art facility in Southern California
  • Free of common allergens like corn and soy

5. Freeze Dry Australia 100% Natural Raw Kangeroo Liver Dog Treats

Your pet deserves to be rewarded with a Michelin-starred diet! This wholesome kangaroo liver treat is crafted by Michelin-starred chefs, and is helpful in reducing allergy symptoms and digestive concerns. Plus, it is completely free of artificial preservatives.

Features we love:

  • 100% kangaroo liver which is full of zinc and iron
  • Food safety certifications from HACCP and Prime
  • Prepared with the finest livestock from Australia

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