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3 ways to ensure your dog is happy

3 ways to ensure your dog is happy

The COVID19 pandemic has made home staying a rather normal phenomenon in our lives. As humans, we acclimatise and adapt to this environment by buying a comfortable chair that is suited for long seating, stocking up on food supplies and ensuring that we are able to withstand the boredom at home by preparing several forms of entertainment such as Netflix, Youtube and Disney+. We are well equipped for this long term arrangement but are our dogs prepared?

Unlike people, dogs are unable to prepare for such crises. As they are confined within the four walls of the house, happy dogs eagerly await the times where owners are able to play fetch with them, “sayang” them and give them belly rubs. When owners are unable to give them sufficient attention, they withdraw into a state of depression, having lower activity levels than before, a loss in interest in the things they once enjoyed and a change in eating or sleeping habits.

The WFH( working from home) culture cultivated through this COVID19 pandemic has caused the blurring of lines between work and family. Owners are subconsciously required to put in extra hours and work becomes a 24/7 activity. As dogs gradually get neglected, how do owners ensure that their pets remain happy dogs?

3 ways to ensure your dog remains happy during the pandemic

1. Walk your dog everyday

Have you been walking your dog everyday? Exercise is crucial for dogs to remain happy. It allows them to step out of the house, and get into a new environment. Exercise allows your dog to remain happy and healthy.

Walking your dog helps to keep his muscles and joints healthy, and it’s also a terrific technique to help him lose weight if he’s overweight. A daily stroll also delivers regular cardio, which can boost mood and energy levels, ensuring your dog remains happy.

A regular schedule can provide structure and consistency for your dog, and that amount of predictability will go a long way toward improving confidence, particularly in timid or scared dogs. Creating a regular schedule for your dog that includes pleasant activities like a daily walk and interactive play is one of the greatest ways to keep your dog happy and confident.

Your dog will most certainly encounter other dogs while out strolling. This is an excellent chance for your dog to learn appropriate social interactions with unfamiliar animals. It will also help your dog gain confidence in social situations, so he or she will be less hesitant to make new friends. When out for a stroll, well-socialized puppies still enjoy a little roughhousing with other dogs, but they’ll know when to stop and come away with no battle scars. Everyone benefits from taking your dog for a walk and introducing him or her to new canines, people, and circumstances.

Do check out our article on the ultimate guide for dog walking and dog walking services.

2. Give your dogs treats

Treats not only keep puppies occupied while you are away, but they also provide extra stimulation throughout the day, allowing them to fulfill some of their basic tendencies passed down from their wild ancestors, such as gnawing.

Treats make up only 10% of your dog’s caloric diet, thus it is not fattening nor unhealthy.

Treats are an important aspect of positive reinforcement, rewards-based training, but you must balance your dog’s treats with their daily calorie intake. If you give them too many goodies, you risk not only spoiling their appetite for real food, but also making your dog overweight and unhealthy.

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3. Play with your dog daily

Playing with your dog strengthens the relationship between you and your dog. Play time is the favourite time of the day for all dogs, much like the recess period for all students. It reduces boredom and when you play with your dog on a regular basis, you keep them occupied and reduce the likelihood that they will wander off to find their own pleasure.

Playing provides a form of mental stimulation to your dogs, and helps your dogs build focus and remain happy dogs.

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