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How to train yourself to be the best first time dog owner

What are some of the challenges for first time dog owners? From learning how to treat and train, to choosing good n fun dog treats, to selecting easy going dogs for first time owners. This article will give you everything you need to know.

Deciding on the kind of dog breed to start as a first time dog owner

Most of us like to go for bigger breeds, but it depends on your preference, and which country you live in. For instance, some people may choose Labrador Retriever puppies for being the ideal family pet, good with children and adults alike, and requiring very little grooming. Bigger breeds need a higher level of maintenance. For first time dog owners, it’s best to choose smaller to medium breeds which are less taxing.

Are you ready for a lifetime of commitment and dedication?

There is a quote that says “While a dog might occupy a small duration of your lifetime, for them you occupy their entire lifetime.” Dogs will be dependent on you for everything. From daily morning and evening walks, doctor visits, giving food, and other responsibilities, it is a high level of commitment.

Things to know before you become a dog owner

Taking care of a dog requires a lot of care, attention, time, energy, and effort. Caring for a small puppy, food habits, vaccines, and exercises require a high level of responsibility. It is actually comparable to raising a human child. If you are not ready to be a hands-on 24×7 dog parent, do think twice about getting a dog.

Also, you need to budget in the cost as raising a puppy is not an easy proposition financially. When the puppy is young, you will have to spend more money for vaccines, food, cleaning equipment, and doctor visits. The expenditures may reduce by a bit after your puppy becomes an adult dog. But if you are not prepared to shell out a few hundred dollars extra every month, now might not be the right time to get one.

Also, is everyone in your family comfortable with dogs? Since almost everyone will be responsible for the new member, you will need to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Here are some great tips to help you

First, read up and do research on the breed you intend to get. This means finding out about their grooming needs, exercise needs, nutrition, training, etc. The more research you do, the less chance of being blindsided by a major issue that suddenly comes up. To make things easier, look for a good dog treats and toys subscription box that will give you all the high quality necessities needed monthly.

Look for a good vet where you live. As a dog parent, you should consider the physical distance of the clinic’s location from your home. Most vets in Singapore will be experienced and skilled so you may want to check the affordability. Do this before you get a puppy, and not afterwards.

Next, shop for the essentials before getting a puppy. Do not wait till the first time your puppy pees on the living room floor to run outside and get wet wipes. From medicine, to food, cleaning equipment, beds – all these should be bought before getting the puppy home. Check out the best healthy dog treats for 2022

Be patient with your puppy as they may have destructive actions. They tend to chew many things from the cushion, sofa, shoes, and other furniture. They are puppies and do not understand what they are doing.

Also be prepared for your puppy to fall sick. Normal puppy sickness includes indigestion, upset tummies, fever, etc. Puppies may experience sickness after a vaccine shot. Everytime you feel your puppy is not at his or her best, do contact your vet immediately.

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